Meet the Characters

Gentle, thoughtful, and fun, Abigail's Dad is great at his job sharing about Jesus with people at the hospital. He does the same thing at home but with more silliness.
Always busy talking to someone or making something tasty in the kitchen, Mom knows how to fill up Abigail and her family and friends with lots of Jesus' love and peace.
Maker of messes and mischief, Henry is Abigail's wild but (mostly) sweet little brother. His toddler-talk keeps her guessing and laughing.
A big fan of animals, music, and her grandkids, Nana is also the very best hugger Abigail knows.
Known for his love of stories and sweets, Grandpa can make anyone feel like things are going to be okay.
Though her slicked-back red hair, pointy glasses, and rules make Abigail's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Hennig seem strict, she's got a soft side too. You just have to find it.
Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, Greg's the kind of kid who can't always tell the difference between what's funny and what will hurt feelings. He (usually) means well, though.
Bubbly, chatty, and so excited for just about everything that she can forget just about anything, Flora is Abigail's best friend.
Never going more than a minute without making things into a game, Billy is Abigail's kids' club buddy and biggest competition
Called "Smarty-Pants Sam" by all his kids' club friends, Sam is kind, wise, and sometimes says things that are so smart they don't make much sense.
Full of creative ideas, stories, and surprises, Miss Shanner is great at sharing the joy of knowing Jesus with everyone at Grace Church kids' club.